City of Sedona Major Pump Stations Modifications

Sedona Soil

New bypass wetwell manholes. Drilled Shafts - 4, Length - 30 ft., Diameter - 10 ft.

Equipment Used:

Soilmec SR-50

General Contractor and Owner:

Fann Environmental, LLC, City of Sedona, AZ

Job Attributes

Due to the very large size of shafts, the extremely hard sandstone, and limited access, our largest track rig (Soilmec SR-50) was called for. Progressively larger diameter holes were drilled using rock augers , core barrels, and reamers to reach a final diameter of 10 feet. Temporary casing was then lowered to provide temporary shoring to protect personnel entering the shaft. We then hoisted pre-cast sections which formed the wet well.

Interesting Facts

This is a phased project to construct a bypass pump station at each of the three existing major pump stations: Brewer Road, Carroll Canyon and El Camino. Project includes replacement of major pieces of electrical equipment and heavy maintenance in the existing pump station wetwells.

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