Direct Embeds

Direct Embed

Utility Towers in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Length - 20 ft. typical, Diameter - 54 in. to 74 in.

Equipment Used:
Soilmec R-312/200


General Contractor and Owner:

Brost- Mallon Concrete Contractors, LLC. Colorado Springs Utilities

Job Attributes

This project called for large diameter holes for placement of embedded utility towers required for a new electrical substation. This type of tower placement provides for a studier stance for the tower. Placement was close to Fountain Creek in Colorado Springs. Casing was not an option since the towers are placed directly into the drilled shafts with the lower tower section extending 25 feet above grade so the slurry displacement technique was used. Overhead power lines necessitated working very closely with the local utility company. Ludwig Drilling has delivered on several additional direct embed projects during the past year.

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