Prairie Waters Pumping Stations

Prairie Waters

Prairie Waters Conveyance System Pumping Stations - The project consists of a natural purification area along the South Platte River near Brighton, CO, three pumping stations, more than 34 miles of pipeline and a new water purification facility currently under construction just north of the Aurora Reservoir.

Drilled Shafts - 538, Length - up to 60 ft., Diameter - 18 in. to 36 in.

Equipment Used:

Soilmec R-312/200, Watson 1100

General Contractor and Owner:

Western Summit Constructors, Inc., City of Aurora, CO

Job Attributes

Due to tight production schedules, we deployed two drill rigs and crews drilling approximately 50 holes per day keeping ahead of concrete placement and maintaining the general contractor's production schedule. As can be seen from the pictures this was difficult drilling due to water in and around the drilling excavation site, tight layout, and congested job site. Wet lignite lenses were encountered requiring us to drill past the lenses and utilize the tremmie pour method with all holes.

Interesting Facts

Aurora Water recently received recognition from Liberty Mutual for having a spotless safety record on the first contract for its Prairie Waters Project - Aurora's innovative and sustainable water project to deliver an additional 3.3 billion gallons of water to the city per year by 2010. Ludwig Drilling personnel received awards as part of that team.

Project Photo Gallery