Slurry Foundation Drilling

A view of Slurry foundation drilling

Slurry foundation drilling has been around a long time, since 1958 actually. The technique of using a slurry consisting of water and either a mineral such as bentonite or a polymer is used when soils are sandy and prone to caving. The ingredients are mixed in the hole or mixed externally and pumped into the hole and later displaced with concrete placed from the bottom up through a pipe called a tremmie. As the concrete rises it displaces the slurry which is pumped out as can be seen in the picture.

As shafts became larger it was discovered that if not done properly, drastic flaws in the drilled shafts can occur. This is why Ludwig Drilling personnel have attended formal slurry school positioning us as experts in the field of Slurry Displacement Foundation Drilling. If you would like more detail on the technique please contact us to speak with one of our experts.