A word from our president, Michael Ludwig

Michael S Ludwig

The mission of Ludwig Drilling is to be an innovative, safe, profitable, and enjoyable company dedicated to superior commercial and industrial foundation drilling. Completely satisfying our customer's needs is our #1 goal.

Ludwig Drilling, Inc. is dedicated to consistent quality. We have the reputation in the industry for high quality and excellent service at competitive prices and are known as one of the most productive foundation drilling specialists in the west. Our reputation is built on doing the job right the first time and standing behind our work. With over 100 combined years of drilling, our dedicated staff has extensive experience in commercial, heavy highway, industrial, telecommunication towers, transmission lines, power plants, and shoring projects.

Our fleet includes truck- and track-mounted drill rigs with the capacity to drill from 12 inches to over 10 feet in diameter with depths over 200 feet through the most adverse soil conditions the Rocky Mountains and Desert Southwest have to offer. Our low-clearance rig can operate in confined space yet drill to 40 feet in depth. Ludwig Drilling equipment is meticulously maintained which means we suffer less downtime due to equipment failure.

We have extensive support tooling and technology including dirt and rock augers, core barrels, mud buckets, temporary and permanent casings in virtually any size, slurry displacement trailers, and flow fill drilling technology. Our Bid & Proposal staff has years of experience in the industry and is able to quickly and accurately respond to your bid requests. We understand the soil conditions in the Rocky Mountain and Desert Southwest Regions and thus are well equipped to provide you accurate estimates.

Ludwig Drilling will adapt to changing project requirements. Your on-time, on-budget success is our goal even when unusual and unplanned conditions arise.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 303-932-7500 or refer to the contact page. We at Ludwig Drilling look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Michael S. Ludwig